Didn't write an article for a long time.

But today, I think I should write this down before I forget this feeling.

5 years ago, I went to the antenatal class with another 11 couples.

At the first class, we have to interview who sat next to us,

then introduce them to everyone.

There she was, she sat next to me,  we started to talk.

And 5 years later, we still talk, even just TODAY.


Moved to NZ  by myself, 

besides my husband's family and friends,

I barely know anyone here.

I never thought I can have a friend who is not from my husband's side.

And I never expect I can have a friend from the class.


People come and go, you can have a lot of acquaintances,   

but doesn't mean you can be friends with everyone.

There were 12 female in the class.

We met up every week, we called it the coffee group.

Being the only Asian, it was hard for me to fit in at first.

But they slowed down when they were talking for me.

When I cannot express myself properly, they helped.

It built up my confidence to live here, and I'm very grateful.


With time goes by, some went back to work, some moved away.

Some didn't even show up in the first place.

This group is now in silence.

But lucky, I still have one from there.


I felt sooooo happy when I knew our kids will go to the same school.

For some reason, we can talk about lots of things.

We are very different.

I am the swearing and naughty type,  but she is not.

I have a very bad temper, she seems not.

she is always smiley and with great patience.

Every time when she sees me, she will say  "How are you today."

I usually don't take it as a greeting.

I will really tell her what strange thing had happened in my life.

And she always listens with a smile.

By the look,  you will never think we can be friends.

Bad girl & Decent angel. 

But, we also have something in common.

We both moved here from another country.

We both like gardening, cooking, and some random stuff.

We both love our children very much, and we like outdoor activities.

Some people, you tried so hard to be their friend, 

But just couldn’t work out. 

Some people, naturally you just became friends with them. 

I feel relax when I talk to you. 

I’m happy you were always there in my important days. 

Every party, every celebration, you were part of it. 


I'm very happy to have you in my life as a good friend.

And our kids love to play with each other too.

We Chinese have special words for it, called "緣分".

Maybe in English, I can refer to "fate" or "destiny".

If we meant to be friends, 

I hope this friendship can last forever.  

Well, even if not forever, at least as long as possible.



Love from C








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